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welcome to Aviation Research Neustadt. On this website you will be informed about crashed aircraft during WWII in the community of Neustadt am Rübenberge. The amount of known crash sites is quite remarkable. The closeness to Steinhuder Lake as an important point of orientation for allied aircraft and the closeness to Hannover with its heavy flak belt are just two aspects to explain this circumstance. This website has also been developed for the permanent commemoration of those airmen who lost their lives in Neustadt am Rübenberge – regardless of their nationality or political attitude. When you visit this website you should keep in mind that this is a non-political website. The information given here refers to the incidents without political or other evaluation. Some terms used originate from the Nazi period and only serve the historical correctness. Therefore they have nothing to do with the author’s political attitude. Studying aerial warfare every researcher quickly recognizes that there won’t be an absolute truth or clearness of what happened. Despite analyzing every available source an uncertainty will always remain. Therefore the author does not claim the completeness of the information given on this website. Should you miss some information or have additional information, the author is happy to invite you to use the contact form on this website. The author of this website points out that no details about the exact location of a crash site will be given unless you are a relative of  a crew mentioned on this website. Places and names are left in the language of their country. The balance point of my work was and still is the study of all documents that are still available about this period – a vast area and a time-consuming work. What is it all worth without eye-witnesses who contribute their invaluable knowledge to this work – nothing! But time is not the friend of such research. Many eye-witnesses have already passed away and the number of those remaining is getting smaller and smaller. The author’s grateful thanks go to all those eye-witnesses who filled these dusty documents with life. This website is dedicated to my loved wife Julia, our loved daughter Mina and our families. Further this website is dedicated to all families who lost a loved family member in WWII. And finally this website is especially dedicated to those families whose sons are still missing in action like the four crew of Wellington X HE817.

On the top of this website you will find their portraits in the following order from left to right:

Sergeant Leo Cook RCAF Age 22 Navigator
Pilot Officer Alfred Chubb RAF Age 35 Wireless Operator
Pilot Officer Stanley Atkinson RCAF Age 20 Pilot
Flight Sergeant Irvine Bowden RAF Age 27 2nd Pilot

Stefan Ilsemann
Neustadt am Rübenberge, June 2010

Aviation Research Neustadt

I wish to commend this website to all those who are seeking the truth behind the horrendous events of 1939 – 1945. Thousands of young airmen of all nationalities gave their lives doing their duty. Whether you are related to a British or Commonwealth airman, as I am, or your relative flew with the Luftwaffe, it matters not. They died serving their country. All of them deserve remembrance.
Stefan Ilsemann has dedicated his time to trying to discover the truth of what happened to those airmen who died. I am especially honoured to call him my friend. My Great Uncle died in the crash of Wellington HE 817 on the night of 27/28 September 1943. He was Alf Chubb. Exactly two month later his only son was born. The Pilot, Stanley Atkinson was to have been godfather. They were reported “Missing in Action” and have no known grave.
Thanks to Stefan’s dedication, we are very close to establishing exactly where they are buried.
Explore this website. Read the accounts of their sacrifice. Help to put the pieces together if you can. But most of all say, WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.

Nigel J Stephens

Wrawby, North Lincolnshire.
June 2010