Crashed allied a/c in the Landkreis Schaumburg

This list is compiled of the Abschussmeldungen Luftgaukommando XI and several other sources as individual deceased personnel files, service records, missing aircrew reports etc.. If you have any amendments or corrections please don’t hesitate to use the contact form.

Date Place A/c Serial Cause
26.07.1943 Deckbergen B-17 42-30224 Fighter
22.09.1943 Pohle Stirling EF139 Flak and Night-Fighter
27.09.1943 Hülshagen Halifax LK915 Night-Fighter
27.09.1943 Stemmen Halifax LK919 Night-Fighter
27.09.1943 Hattendorf Halifax LW230 Night-Fighter
09.10.1943 Altenhagen-Wormstal Lancaster JA706 Night-Fighter
09.10.1943 Gut Neelhof Lancaster JA980 Flak and Night-Fighter
09.10.1943 Wiedensahl Lancaster ED658 Night-Fighter
22.11.1943 Hessendorf Lancaster EE119 Unknown
30.01.1944 between Achum, Meinsen and Warber B-17 42-5444 Fighter
21.02.1944 Messenkamp P-47 42-74679 Fighter
08.03.1944 Hagenburg P-51 43-6989 Flak
08.03.1944 Wölpinghausen P-47 42-74697 Fighter
08.04.1944 between Haste and Hohnhorst B-24 42-110061 Flak
13.08.1944 Weser river at the Weser bridge Rinteln Halifax LW195 Night-Fighter
26.11.1944 Nordsehl B-24 44-40271 Flak
26.11.1944 Rehren B-24 42-95007 Fighter
26.11.1944 Deckbergen B-24 44-40117 Fighter
05.12.1944 Lindhorst B-17 43-38360 Flak
05.12.1944 Hohnhorst P-51 44-14538 Fighter
05.12.1944 Hohnhorst P-51 44-14727 Fighter
20.01.1945 Bad Eilsen P-51 44-63162 Flak
22.01.1945 Obernwöhren Spitfire PL246 Flak
03.03.1945 Apelern B-17 43-38297 Flak