Crashed allied a/c in the Landkreis Goslar

This list is compiled of the Abschussmeldungen Luftgaukommando XI and several other sources as individual deceased personnel files, service records, missing aircrew reports etc.. If you have any amendments or corrections please don’t hesitate to use the contact form.

Date Place A/c Serial Cause
14.01.1944 Torfhaus Lancaster JB398 Night-Fighter
14.01.1944 Lautenthal Lancaster LM367 Night-Fighter
11.04.1944 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Fortuner Teich P-51 43-7031 Fighter
26.04.1944 Rangers district Dammgarten, 8km W Clausthal-Zellerfeld P-51 43-6948 Fighter
08.05.1944 Vienenburg, Harlyberg B-17 42-94957 Flak
29.06.1944 Hill 308, 5km NE Seesen P-51 43-6974 Flak
07.07.1944 Westerode B-24 42-50374 Flak and Fighter
12.09.1944 St. Andreasberg B-17 42-107085 Fighter
28.09.1944 Klein Rhüden P-51 44-13962 Fighter
27.11.1944 Altenau P-51 44-15388 Fighter
06.12.1944 Altenau P-51 44-14088
06.12.1944 Vienenburg Lancaster ND703 Mid-air collision
06.12.1944 Weddingen Lancaster ND971 Mid-air collision
16.01.1945 Wolfshagen Halifax LW179 Night-Fighter
28.02.1945 Lengde Tempest NV776 Flak