Crashed allied a/c in the Landkreis Harburg

This list is compiled of the Abschussmeldungen Luftgaukommando XI and several other sources as individual deceased personnel files, service records, missing aircrew reports etc.. If you have any amendments or corrections please don’t hesitate to use the contact form.

Date Place A/c Serial Cause
12.03.1941 Rade Blenheim V5397 Flak
13.08.1941 between Rübke and Hohentannen Wellington Z8835
15.09.1941 Welle Whitley Z6957
30.09.1941 Emmelndorf Wellington X9673 Night-Fighter
15.01.1942 between Appel and Hollenstedt Wellington R1395
28.03.1942 twixt Klecken and Bendestorf Wellington X3341
09.04.1942 Ohlendorf, Winser Forest Wellington Z8511
29.07.1942 Steinbeck Wellington BJ599
09.11.1942 Ramelsloh Lancaster W4180 Flak
25.07.1943 Reindorf Wellington HZ314 Night-Fighter
30.07.1943 Klecken Halifax DK239 Flak
30.07.1943 Podendorf Halifax HR851 Flak
30.07.1943 Todtglüsingen Lancaster ED931 Night-Fighter
30.07.1943 Klecken Wellington LN294 Flak
03.08.1943 Wenzendorf Lancaster DS715 Lightning strike
03.08.1943 twixt Wesel and Hanstedt Lancaster ED645 Flak
07.05.1944 Heidenau B-17 42-31580 Flak
18.06.1944 1km NW Fleestedt B-17 42-97626 Flak
06.08.1944 Rübke B-24 42-95561 Flak
19.08.1944 Vahrendorf Lancaster JB713 Flak
26.09.1944 Asendorf B-17 42-107035 Flak
31.10.1944 Mienenbüttel Mosquito MM181 Flak
11.11.1944 Ramelsloh Lancaster NF917 Flak
31.12.1944 1,5km SE Maschen B-17 43-38247 Flak
17.01.1945 1km NE Meckelfeld B-24 42-51481
03.02.1945 Salzhausen P-47 44-14303 Flak
03.02.1945 Eichholz B-17 44-6092
25.02.1945 Sprötze P-51 44-15532 Flak
11.03.1945 Meckelfeld B-17 43-38888 Flak
31.03.1945 Eckel Lancaster KB869 Flak and Fighter
31.03.1945 Hittfeld Lancaster KB859 Flak and Fighter
31.03.1945 Meckelfeld Halifax MZ418 Flak
31.03.1945 2km E Nenndorf Lancaster NG345 Fighter
08.04.1945 2km N Heidenau Halifax NP769
16.04.1945 Wümme Typhoon MP192 Flak
24.04.1945 Königsmoor Tempest NV731 Flak
28.04.1945 twixt Tespe and Bütlingen Spitfire MJ504 Richochet