Crashed allied a/c in the Landkreis Helmstedt

This list is compiled of the Abschussmeldungen Luftgaukommando XI and several other sources as individual deceased personnel files, service records, missing aircrew reports etc.. If you have any amendments or corrections please don’t hesitate to use the contact form.

Date Place A/c Serial Cause
02.01.1944 4km E Helmstedt Lancaster DV370 Night-Fighter
02.01.1944 between Rottorf and Barmke Halifax JB740 Night-Fighter
11.01.1944 Wolsdorf B-17 41-24562 Flak and Fighter
11.01.1944 Watenstedt B-17 42-3530 Flak and Fighter
14.01.1944 Steinkuhlenberg, Elm, 3km S Königslutter Lancaster JB726 Flak and Night-Fighter
14.01.1944 Watenstedt Lancaster LM344 Flak and Night-Fighter
21.01.1944 Schöningen, Elmhaus Halifax HX165 Flak and Night-Fighter
30.01.1944 Beienrode B-17 42-37856 Fighter
10.02.1944 Lauingen B-17 42-31080 Flak and Fighter
11.04.1944 Glentorf B-17 42-38019 Flak
23.04.1944 Barmke Lancaster ME724 Flak and Night-Fighter
29.04.1944 600m NW Grasleben B-17 42-37868 Fighter
29.04.1944 1,5km N Grasleben B-17 42-97559 Fighter
19.05.1944 Helmstedt B-24 42-52638 Flak and Fighter
19.05.1944 Gevensleben B-24 42-95060 Flak and Fighter
30.05.1944 Rennau B-17 42-31213
28.09.1944 Süpplingen B-17 44-8330 Fighter
15.10.1944 Rieseberg Lancaster ME595 Flak
14.01.1945 Rhode B-17 43-38002 Flak
30.03.1945 Bahrdorf P-51 44-72065 Fighter