Crashed allied a/c in the Landkreis Osterode am Harz

This list is compiled of the Abschussmeldungen Luftgaukommando XI and several other sources as individual deceased personnel files, service records, missing aircrew reports etc.. If you have any amendments or corrections please don’t hesitate to use the contact form.

Date Place A/c Serial Cause
01.09.1943 Walkenried Halifax JN902 Night-Fighter
11.01.1944 Odertalsperre B-17 41-24619 Fighter
11.01.1944 Kleiner Knollen, twixt Sieber and Herzberg am Harz B-17 42-30865 Fighter
11.01.1944 Dorste B-17 42-39969 Fighter
14.01.1944 Bartolfelde Lancaster ED721
23.03.1944 Sieber, near crossing Acker-/Schmelzertalstra├če P-51 43-12443 Fighter
11.09.1944 Herzberg am Harz P-51 44-14043
14.09.1944 Badenhausen Mosquito LR406 Fighter
28.09.1944 Bad Grund B-17 42-97329
16.01.1945 Osterode am Harz Halifax MZ427 Night-Fighter
03.03.1945 Sieber B-24 42-50692
14.03.1945 Wulften am Harz B-17 43-37831
15.03.1945 Bad Grund Lancaster NE119 Night-Fighter