Crashed allied a/c in the Landkreis Peine

This list is compiled of the Abschussmeldungen Luftgaukommando XI and several other sources as individual deceased personnel files, service records, missing aircrew reports etc.. If you have any amendments or corrections please don’t hesitate to use the contact form.

Date Place A/c Serial Cause
17.08.1940 between Essinghausen and Duttenstedt Whitley P4986 Flak
20.02.1944 Harber Halifax LL257 Night-Fighter
22.02.1944 Alvesse (Edemissen) B-17 42-38002 Flak and Fighter
29.04.1944 between Alvesse (Vechelde) and Üfingen P-51 43-6424 Flak and Fighter
18.06.1944 between Ohlum and Groß Lobke B-17 43-37714 Flak
13.08.1944 Eickenrode Lancaster PB247 Fighter
24.08.1944 Stederdorf B-24 44-40098 Flak