Missing in Action

Here you find a list of german airmen who are still missing in action in the area of Steinhuder Meer. Approximately a total of 50 german airmen haven’t been found or identified until today in this area. Amendments or corrections are highly welcome.

Date Name Rank Unit Cause A/c Serial
10.02.1944 ARNDT, Alfred Uffz. 5./JG11 Aerial battle Me109G-6 16499
10.02.1944 LENNHOFF, Rudi Uffz. 4./JG11 Aerial battle Me109G-6/U4 20745
24.02.1944 VON HELMS, Gustav Fw. 4./JG11 Aerial battle Me109G-6 410841
03.03.1944 SCHMIDT, Willi Fw. 4./JG1 Aerial battle Fw190A-7 430456
08.03.1944 WIENS, Gerhard Gefr. 4./JG11 Aerial battle Me109G-6 161301
25.03.1944 HELSING, Bruno Ofhr. 6./JG11 Flying accident Me109G-6 161178
29.03.1944 BECK, Hermann Otto Uffz. 4./JG3 Aerial battle Me109G-6 411469
29.04.1944 MACHELEIDT, Günther Uffz. 4./JG11 Aerial battle Me109G-6/AS
19.05.1944 KRIEGEL, Gerhard Ofhr. 8./JG54 Aerial battle Fw190A-8 680183
19.05.1944 WIEMANN, Günter Ltn. 3./JG11 Aerial battle Fw190A-8 730432
28.05.1944 KOTIZA, Eugen Oblt. 3./JG1 Aerial battle Fw190A-8 730483
12.10.1944 HENNEMANN, Martin Fhr. 6./JG26 Aerial battle Fw190A-8 171580
12.10.1944 FISCHER, Edmund Josef Ltn. 6./JG26 Aerial battle Fw190A-8 171642
12.10.1944 HILDEBRANDT, Willi Heinrich Uffz. 2./JG26 Aerial battle Fw190A-8 690142
21.11.1944 VON PARIS, Hendrik Oblt. 14./JG300 Aerial battle Me109G-14
07.04.1945 HANSEN, Olaf Oblt. „Elbe“ Aerial battle Me109
07.04.1945 THIEL, Armin Ltn. „Elbe“ Aerial battle Me109
07.04.1945 GODRY, Viktor Uffz. „Elbe“ Aerial battle Me109
11.04.1945 WEIGERT, Johann Uffz. 1./KG66 Unknown Ju88S-3 331292